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Checklist for Office Relocation

When you decide to relocate your office, it is imperative to have a plan for it. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any essential details in your relocation process. For this purpose, an office relocation checklist should be used. It serves as your guide to moving to a new office location.

Every checklist is different depending on the type of industry you are in, key pieces of equipment that are needed, as well as size of workforce and office space.  Some other factors to be considered are processes, budget, and communication to all relevant employees and department managers.

What is a Checklist for Office Relocation?

Relocating an office requires extensive planning. Any mistake in the office relocation checklist can result in downtime for the business and expenses incurred. The checklist enlists all the tasks involved in the relocation process. These tasks determine how well will this project will be executed.

Management should put in efforts for an error-free checklist for office relocation. It should cover all aspects of the project. Office relocation is much more than transporting furniture. Many sensitive assets include computers, servers, and confidential files.


Creating a Checklist

The first step of the office relocation project is to create a checklist. The office relocation checklist helps you stay organized during the office moving process. The following are the steps required to create the checklist:

  1. Create a team who can be responsible for the relocation process and delegate tasks.
  2. Engage with your staff and note their concerns.
  3. Identify all the costs involved in office relocation and establish a budget.
  4. Create a timeline for your relocation processes. Mention the required resources at each step.

Example Office Relocation Checklist

Appoint office move project manager and project team
Review current lease and establish early-break costs
Set out criteria and conduct necessary staff surveys
Research costs and set budget
Establish office move deadline
Research office removal companies and office moving insurance costs
Search for office spaces that suit business needs
Document plan and timeline
Shortlist, discuss, and choose new office and complete necessary paperwork
Update current client lists
Conduct a detailed audit of all online and offline content requiring an update to the address
Notify post office of new address
Collaborate with legal teams to update necessary contracts with the new address
Update social media and online accounts (including Google Business, etc.) with the new address
Review lists of partners and stakeholders to inform of change of address (update lists where necessary)
Run an audit on stationery and branding material to update addresses where necessary
Review and update all delivery subscriptions
Communicate plans to staff and let them know how/if they can get involved
Give notice to current landlord/building manager
Coordinate office move logistics with IT team to discuss IT systems and equipment needs.


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Compliance by Access Interiors

Access Interiors focuses on meeting compliance with HSE legislation and green credentials. Thanks to the high standards of workmanship and customer satisfaction at Access Interiors, we hold a number of industry accreditations.

This includes membership in several organizations, the Federation of Small Businesses and the Association of Interior Specialists. Also, the Construction Industry Training Board and the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.



Office relocation seems overwhelming and stressful, considering all the technicalities involved. By creating a checklist for office relocation, you can simplify the processes. This is done by breaking things down and avoiding any potential mistakes. The crucial areas to cover in the checklist include planning and finding an office space.


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