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When managing a site where business operations occur, keeping your property in top shape is critical. Today, we explore the essentials of commercial property maintenance, which ensures that buildings are safe, functional, and presentable.

From understanding exactly what upkeep means in a business context to diving into the costs involved, we’re covering it all.

First, we’ll clarify what commercial property maintenance is and the various forms it takes. Next, we’ll break down the steps involved in the maintenance process. We’ll also discuss the frequency of maintenance tasks and, finally, examine the typical expenses associated with maintaining a commercial property.

Whether you’re a building owner, a property manager, or a tenant, here’s everything you need to know to maintain your commercial property and keep your space in excellent condition.

Commercial property maintenance types process cost UK

What Is Commercial Property Maintenance?

Commercial property maintenance refers to the combined efforts to ensure a business facility remains in optimal condition. The process covers everything from repairs, cleaning, and safety checks to the preservation of all building systems and appearance.

What Are the Common Types of Commercial Property Maintenance?

Commercial property maintenance involves a variety of tasks — all of which are essential to keeping a commercial space in prime condition. 

From the daily tasks that keep your space looking neat to the specialised services required for complex systems, let’s explore the spectrum of maintenance activities that help ensure safety, maintain value, and enhance the appeal of your commercial property. 

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance involves tasks such as the regular and systematic inspection, cleaning, and repair of a facility and its equipment. These tasks prevent minor issues from turning into larger, more costly problems and contribute significantly to a safe and efficient work environment.

Landscaping and Groundskeeping

These refer to all activities related to the care and cultivation of a commercial property’s outdoor areas and green spaces. Tidy outdoor areas make a strong first impression on visitors and can improve the well-being of employees and customers alike.

Electrical Maintenance

This encompasses the upkeep and repair of all electrical systems and components within your property. Reliable electrical maintenance ensures safety, prevents costly downtime, and promotes energy efficiency.

Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing maintenance includes all work done to keep the water systems, fixtures, and pipes in optimal condition. This service is key to preventing leaks and water damage, thus maintaining your property’s hygiene and functionality.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance refers to all care activities undertaken to preserve the integrity and longevity of your property’s roof. A well-maintained roof protects from weather-related damage and contributes to better energy efficiency.

Painting and Exterior Maintenance

Exterior maintenance involves the upkeep of your property’s outer walls, windows, and other external elements, including the exterior paint. These efforts keep your property looking sharp and serve as a defence against the elements.

Elevator Maintenance

Elevator maintenance is the process of regularly inspecting and servicing a building’s elevators to ensure they are safe and running smoothly. Timely maintenance reduces the risk of breakdowns and enhances the longevity of these vital transport systems.

Fire Safety Maintenance

Fire safety maintenance is the regular check-up and repair of a building’s fire alarms, extinguishers, sprinklers, and other related systems. This type of maintenance is crucial for protecting occupants and assets from fire hazards.

Waste Management

Waste management in a commercial setting involves the efficient handling and disposal of waste materials. Proper waste management practices contribute to a cleaner environment and can reflect positively on a business’s public image.

Accessibility Maintenance

Accessibility maintenance ensures that all facilities within your property are accessible to people with disabilities. This involves keeping access routes clear and well-maintained and may include the upkeep of specialised equipment.

Refurbishments/ Fit-Out

Refurbishment or fit-out maintenance involves updating or reconfiguring your space to meet specific needs or to freshen up your property. These changes can boost your property’s functionality, aesthetics, and market value.

Commercial property maintenance types process cost UK

What Is the Process of Commercial Property Maintenance?

Typically, commercial property maintenance occurs over five key stages. These are:

  1. Assessment: First, a detailed inspection of the entire property is conducted to identify any current or potential issues.
  2. Planning: After the assessment, a maintenance plan is formulated, prioritising tasks and scheduling services to address the identified needs.
  3. Execution: Skilled professionals carry out the necessary maintenance tasks, following the established plan and adhering to safety standards.
  4. Documentation: Every maintenance activity is documented, creating a record of what has been done and what may be needed in the future.
  5. Evaluation: Finally, the effectiveness of the maintenance work is evaluated to ensure that the objectives have been met and to plan for ongoing needs.

How Often Should You Do Commercial Property Maintenance?

The frequency of commercial property maintenance varies widely, ranging from daily cleaning tasks to annual inspections and repairs. 

For example, HVAC systems often require biannual servicing, while fire safety equipment must be checked monthly. Roofs and exterior paint may need attention every few years, depending on climate and building materials. 

The specific timeline for maintenance tasks is influenced by your property’s usage, local regulations, and the manufacturer’s recommendations for various systems and components. 

Is Commercial Property Maintenance Essential?

Yes, commercial property maintenance is essential. It ensures a business operates in a safe, functional, and appealing environment. Proper maintenance also helps ensure that commercial space meets all legal requirements and can help preserve your property’s value. 

How Much Does It Cost to Do Commercial Property Maintenance?

The costs associated with commercial property maintenance can vary significantly and usually depend on various factors. On average, businesses might allocate anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand pounds annually for general upkeep. 

Some of the key factors that influence these expenses include:

  • Property size: Larger properties have more space and potentially more complex systems to maintain, which can lead to higher costs.
  • Age of your property: Older buildings may require more frequent repairs and updates, increasing maintenance expenses.
  • Type of maintenance required: Basic tasks like cleaning are less costly, but specialised services such as elevator or HVAC system repairs can be expensive.
  • Frequency of maintenance: Regular, scheduled services typically cost less in the long run than emergency or ad-hoc repairs due to the efficiency of planning and potential discounts with contracts.
  • Materials and equipment: High-quality or specialised materials and the need for unique equipment can drive up maintenance costs.
  • Local regulations: Compliance with local building codes and regulations may necessitate specific maintenance practices or materials, impacting the cost.

Wrapping Up

To maintain your commercial property effectively, consider setting up a regular maintenance schedule tailored to your specific needs. Remember the importance of each maintenance type discussed and the potential costs involved. 

If you’re unsure where to start or need professional help, contact Access Interiors for expert guidance. 

By staying proactive with your maintenance tasks, you safeguard your investment, ensure compliance, and create a positive experience for anyone who visits or works on your property.

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