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How your office space affects the productivity of your workplace?

The quality of your workspace affects the quality of your workforce’s output. Both employees and employers would agree with this statement. Despite the scientifically proven link between office space and quality of work, many companies are reluctant to initiate change, citing budget constraints as the main reason.

Yet, companies who have taken the leap and created well-designed office spaces reliably praise the transformative effects. They report that creating an office space that employees feel proud of is one of the best investments they have ever made. “Why”, do you ask? The simple answer is that great office spaces drive productivity.

How do you measure the productivity of an office?

Calculating productivity is vital to your business’s profitability. Productive assets have a higher yield-to-input ratio. Or, stated more simply, they give more than they take.

But how does this translate to your call centre or receptionist? The examples mentioned were chosen because those functions do not directly determine sales or production value. But can determine profitability or customer satisfaction.

It’s best to take a more expansive view of productivity when dealing with office environments. Employers should define clear metrics and measure employees against those objectives.

Objectives should be measurable, and processes implemented to keep track and evaluate progress. Supervisors should be available and continually grade performance. The extent to which employees reach objectives will indicate productivity.

What are the key factors that impact productivity in an office?

Teams achieve goals faster than single individuals working in isolation. Employers can do a lot to foster flourishing teams. Organisations are effectively large teams, and there is a lot of literature covering the composition and management of teams to enhance productivity.

Many commentators assume that workspace and other factors are already in place when laying out their strategies. However, the reality is that a company cannot achieve its goals in a dysfunctional or pathological environment. Factors that impact this include:

  1. Energy and Attitude – You cannot control everything that could conceivably impact your employee’s internal landscape. It’s still important to recognise that the external environment in which people work impacts their energy levels and attitude. Creating an environment that changes a negative person into a positive one will increase productivity.
  2. Equipment and Resources – We have all seen funny Youtube videos of irate employees throwing printers out a window or losing their composure due to frustration. Undue pressure on an employee in a challenging environment is a recipe for disaster. Your office space must enhance workflow and help employees feel that they are respected professionals.
  3. Work Environment – Natural lighting, acoustics, colour, and other physical attributes of your office space play a role in creating a comfortable environment. Propper design focuses on creating work environments that draw employees in by paying attention to details that soothe rather than irritate them.
  4. Employee Wellness – Most people spend at least as much time at work as at home. Offices have a responsibility to enhance employee wellness. Providing employees with opportunities to stand while working, take a stroll or have privacy for important calls will result in better attitudes and a healthier workforce.

How your office space impacts employee well-being

Office spaces have a tremendous impact on employee health. Time spent at work and the physical environment both contribute to wellness.

Natural Light

The human eye possesses receptors for specific light patterns that govern the circadian rhythm. These help us to wake up in the morning, be productive during the day and wind down in the evening to get a good night’s rest. Natural light enhances mood and productivity and promotes a well-synchronised circadian rhythm resulting in downstream health benefits.

Air Quality

Fresh air promotes cognitive function. People who work in poorly ventilated offices or are exposed to particle pollutants work fewer hours, take more days off work and deliver sub-par work compared to colleagues breathing clean, fresh air. Air filtration systems and humidifiers assist air conditioning systems in keeping employees healthy and alert.

Movement & Ergonomics

Sitting all day is almost as deadly as smoking cigarettes. Not only does it restrict blood flow, but it causes back and neck issues. The cumulative effect can devastate a person’s health. Office spaces that encourage movement enjoy healthier employees and increased productivity. Physical activity produces an array of feel-good neurotransmitters resulting in lower incidences of mental health problems.

How can I design my workspace to increase productivity?

Human beings are highly adaptable, resulting in the ability to function in almost any environment. Science teaches us that some surroundings are better than others, promoting physical and mental well-being.

Incorporating these lessons into the design of your office will lead to increased productivity. You could opt to incorporate these principles into your current office space or get professional help. Office fit-out services offer a cost-effective solution that can be implemented quickly, at a lower cost, and without extensive construction.


Office layout is one of the most underestimated aspects of office space design. Ill-considered office layouts can be frustrating. Employees who need to focus could end up next to well-meaning colleagues who never stop chatting. Open-plan office spaces are all the rage but are ill-suited for positions that may require privacy. Finding and designing the correct office layout will result in a more natural flow and more productive employees.


Create opportunities for employees to move, from dedicated eating areas to installing stairwells to get employees out of their chairs and moving.

Standing desks are growing in popularity as they force employees onto their feet, resulting in fewer posture problems and back and neck pain complaints.

Transforming your office space is one of the fastest ways to increase employee satisfaction and boost productivity. Companies are reluctant to spend hard-earned savings on solutions whose meagre results don’t justify the effort. Professional office fit-out services will save you money while boosting productivity fast, ensuring a short return on the investment period.


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