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Does Access Interiors Offers Office Move Management Services?

Yes, we do offer office move management services at Access Interiors, providing comprehensive solutions to ensure smooth transitions and efficient management of your office relocation needs.

Office move management can be very stressful and disruptive to your business.  We have many years’ of experience in helping businesses to manage their office relocations and will work with you to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

We will pull together a detailed office move management plan, taking all aspects of the office move into account. You can then share that plan with your staff members so that everyone understands the timescales in place and their responsibilities.

We will liaise with removal companies on your behalf and will plan to work flexibly, in the evening and at weekends, to minimise disruption to your day-to-day business activities.

We can help you by providing packing boxes, crates, and cages for the transportation of files, hardware, and furniture.  If necessary, we can source secure short- or long-term storage for any items that require it.

We can install temporary portacabin office spaces to house staff members during the move, should it be required.  We can also commission the installation of temporary data and telecom services to reduce disruption.

What Is Office Move Management?

Office move management is the strategic planning and coordination of all aspects involved in relocating a business, encompassing logistics, furniture installation, technology transfer, and employee support, to ensure a seamless and efficient transition to a new workspace.

What’s Involved In Office Move Management Services?

We Put An Office Move Management Plan

Crafting a tailored and strategic office move management plan is a core aspect of our services at Access Interiors.

We Liaise With Removals Companies On Your Behalf

At Access Interiors, we efficiently liaise with removal companies on your behalf, ensuring a seamless and coordinated office move.

We Work Flexibly, Evening And Weekends

We provide flexible office move management services, accommodating evening and weekend schedules to ensure minimal disruption to your business operations.

We Supply Crates And Packing Materials

Access Interiors provides a comprehensive solution by supplying durable crates and essential packing materials for an efficient office move.

We Pack And Unpack

Our services at Access Interiors encompass both professional packing and unpacking, ensuring a seamless and stress-free office move experience for our clients.

We Provide Interim Storage

Access Interiors offers interim storage solutions as part of our comprehensive office move management services, providing a secure and convenient space for your belongings during transitions

We Install Temporary Data And Telecomms Services

Access Interiors excels in installing temporary data and telecom services as an integral part of our office move management offerings, ensuring a seamless transition in your workspace connectivity.

Inventory Management

Access Interiors takes charge of meticulous inventory management during office moves, ensuring a systematic and organized approach to tracking and handling your assets throughout the transition process.

Transport IT And Fragile Equipment

Access Interiors adeptly transports IT equipment and fragile items, ensuring their safe and secure relocation during the office move management process.

Dismantle Furniture And Reassemble At The Other End

As part of our office move management services, Access Interiors expertly dismantles furniture at the current location and seamlessly reassembles it at the destination, ensuring a smooth transition for your workspace.

Dispose Of And Recycling Any Waste

Access Interiors takes responsibility for the eco-friendly disposal of waste by efficiently recycling any materials during the office move management process.

We Offer Office Design And Refurbishment Services

Access Interiors extends its expertise to offer comprehensive office design and refurbishment services, transforming workspaces with innovative design solutions tailored to your needs.

What Are The Common Reasons For Office Move?

Lower Costs

One primary motivation for office moves is the pursuit of cost efficiency, with businesses relocating to lower-cost spaces or regions to enhance financial sustainability.

Business Growth

Businesses often opt for office moves as a result of experiencing growth, necessitating larger spaces and enhanced infrastructure to accommodate expanding teams and operations effectively

Attracting Clients And Talent

The strategic relocation of offices is frequently driven by the goal of attracting clients and talent, as businesses seek prime locations and appealing work environments to enhance their overall appeal.

Better Location

The pursuit of a more advantageous geographic position often prompts businesses to consider office moves, aiming for a better location that aligns with strategic objectives and enhances accessibility for clients and employees.

Boost Productivity

Businesses frequently opt for office moves to boost productivity, seeking environments that foster collaboration, innovation, and employee well-being to enhance overall efficiency and work output.

Office Fit Out

Businesses often undergo office moves for a comprehensive office fit-out, renovating and customizing the workspace to align with evolving needs, and modern design trends, and to create a conducive environment for optimal functionality and employee satisfaction.

Modern Facilities

The quest for state-of-the-art amenities and infrastructure often drives businesses to pursue office moves, seeking modern facilities that can enhance operational efficiency and provide an upgraded working environment for employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of office move management services can vary based on factors such as the size of the move, services required, and distance.

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