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Do You Offer Office Refurbishment Services?

There are many reasons that you may want to carry out an office refurbishment. For example you might be:

  • Expanding your business,
  • Down-sizing your business,
  • Rebranding your business and want to reflect this change in your interiors,
  • Wanting to improve existing facilities to boost staff morale; or
  • Wanting to improve your office layout to encourage better interdepartmental co-operation

You may want:

Whatever your reason and scope of your project we can work with you to ensure that your office refurbishment is well planned and delivered to achieve your operational goal.  We will help you to identify dead areas in your space and to audit everything already in place in your office to identify what can stay, what can go and what could maybe be put into storage.

We can work to any budget and timescale and can work completely flexibly to ensure that your office refurbishment project does not get in the way of the ‘day job’.

For more information on office refurbishments and office fit outs please see our office fit out costs page.

For our advice on office refurbishments simply get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you.

For personal advice and to discuss your office refurbishment needs, contact Access Interiors, speak directly to our team of experts to explore bespoke solutions that will enhance your workspace.

What Does Refurbishment Include?

Access Interior’s comprehensive offerings include office fit-out, design services, space planning, dilapidations, move management, relocations, and project management. Explore each aspect to understand how our expertise can optimise your workspace.

Office Fit Out

Transform your workspace with Access Interiors' office fit-out services, ensuring a tailored and functional environment that suits your business needs.

Office Design Services

Access Interiors offers bespoke office design services that improve your office aesthetics and functionality, our services are tailored to reflect your brand identity and enhance the workspace.

Office Space Planning

Access Interiors offers precise and efficient office space planning services to optimise your office layout and functionality. Our objective is to create a workspace that maximises productivity and comfort.

Office Dilapidations

Access Interiors offers comprehensive office dilapidation services to streamline the process of exiting a leased property. Our services ensure a smooth and compliant transition while meeting lease obligations.

Office Move Management

Simplify your office relocation process with Access Interiors' expert office move management services, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Office Relocations

Access Interiors offers reliable and efficient office relocation services, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal downtime for your business operations.

Project Management

Rely on Access Interiors' expert project management services to oversee and execute your office refurbishment with precision, ensuring a smooth process from conception to completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of an office refurbishment with Access Interiors varies, based on the project scope, typically ranging from a few weeks to a few months, giving a timely transformation to fit your business needs and goals

Sustainable office refurbishment at Access Interiors involves eco-friendly practices and materials, prioritising energy efficiency, waste reduction, and environmentally conscious design choices to create workspaces that align with both ecological responsibility and your business objectives.

The cost of office refurbishment with Access Interiors varies depending on project scope, but typically ranges from £50,000 to £500,000, ensuring a tailored solution that meets your specific needs and budget constraints.

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We provide a project management service offering full turnkey installation of office and factory fit-outs, and a complete design and build service.

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