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Space planning services

A well planned office space can increase performance and efficiency of working practices, improve interdepartmental communication, boost morale and can even save you money in reducing running costs.  Our experienced office space planning team can work with any brief, no matter how abstract, to improve the layout of your existing office space. We specialise in creating functional office spaces in either an open plan, closed plan or a hybrid design that suits your needs.

Creative Office Space Planning Solutions

As part of the process we will take a detailed brief, identifying the key areas where improvements need to be made. This may be that you need to add extra seating into an already squeezed desk space or you may need to make room for larger meeting areas or add in more kitchen facilities.

Our space planning team can provide some really creative solutions to help you to make the best use of your available space; from adding mezzanine floors to installing operable walls or even reducing desk sizes to make room.

Visualising & Delivering the Plan

We will take your brief and will draw up a 2 or 3d visualisation of the space.  After the new plan is agreed we can then help you to design and fit out the space to your budget and aesthetic requirements.

If you have a tricky space problem that you would like us to help you solve please just get in touch.

Start your office design

We provide a project management service offering full turnkey installation of office and factory fit-outs, and a complete design and build service.

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