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Access Interiors is an Office fit out company specialising in commercial interior design. We have extensive experience and knowledge of office fit outs. As such, we have written an article to give you an idea of what is involved in an office fit out.

We have added a table with some guide prices on our office fit outs, displayed as costs per square meter. It should be noted that these prices are just a guide, our final cost per square meter is calculated after our initial consultation, and after we understand the requirements for your office.

What Is an Office Fit Out?

An office fit out is the term used to describe the process of turning an internal space into a fully functioning office. This space can either be unused, or it might even be in use already for another purpose.

An office fit out can include everything to turn any suitable internal space into an office. Fit outs can include modifications to your space, such as:

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Where do I start when planning an office fit out?

The most important thing to do when planning an office fit out is to consult a commercial interior designer. Preferably from a company that specialises in office fit outs. Time is often of the essence when it comes to office fit outs, and delays because of inexperience can be costly.

A commercial interior designer will meet with you and discuss everything you need. A plan will be drawn up to which you both agree, work will then be carried out to schedule and to budget.

The internal space you have to use for an office is always a very important thing to take into account and the amount of space you have per employee is also important. Find out all about office space planning guidelines in our recent blog post.

We have managed hundreds of office fit outs for our clients and can draw on our years of experience to make the process quick and efficient. Contact Us to arrange a consultation for your office fit out.

Office fit out costs per square metre

Please note, the prices given in this table are just a guide. Our office fit outs are tailor-made to your requirements. Our basic office fit outs can include parts of a high-end fit out, and vice versa, everything all depends on what the individual client wants.

The easiest way to represent how much an office fit out costs is to look at how many square meters you have to work with.

The table below shows a rough estimate on how much you can expect to pay, per square meter, for your office fit out.

Basic Office Fit Out CostsMid-Range Fit Out CostsHigh-end Office Fit Out Costs
£160 per sq meter£375 per sq meter£535+ per sq meter

If you prefer feet to meters squared, our table below shows a rough estimate on how much you can expect to pay, per square foot, for your office fit out.

Basic Office Fit Out CostsMid-Range Fit Out CostsHigh-end Office Fit Out Costs
£15 per sq foot£35 per sq foot£50+ per sq foot

** all prices are a guide, actual prices are tailored to client specifications

** all prices excluding furniture costs.

What is involved in a basic office fit out?

A basic office fit out can give you everything you need to turn a dull office into an eye-catching, great place to work.

We look at minor alterations and rearrangements to your lighting to improve both the natural light, and where possible, look to add lights to dimly lit areas.

In a basic office fit out, if necessary, we will look to make minor alterations and adjustments to your data and telephone cables. This will ensure everything is in line with current guidance and regulation, aswell as smart and tidy.

In a basic fit out, we give you the option to make a small number of usable rooms by using our office partitioning systems. These rooms could be used as small meeting rooms or offices.

Like all of our office fit outs, in a basic fit out we work with you to give you a fully personalised and tailored experience. You will get an office that not only looks stylish, but is efficient and designed in a way that increases productivity.

What is involved in a mid-range office fit out

A mid-range office fit out includes everything a basic office fit out includes and more.

Our mid-range fit outs include new quality floor finishings that you select in the initial consultation. This can be a uniform floor finish throughout the office space, or multiple floor finishings in different areas.

We can make significant alterations and add new outlets to your existing power supply in a mid-range fit out. In our initial consultation, we will discuss the power needs for your new office. We will also explain what and where these will be.

As well as making changes to the power supply, in a mid-range fit out we will also make significant alterations and adjustments to your data cabling. This will again be calculated and discussed at the initial consultation.

As well as our basic office fit out, with a mid-range fit out we can partition your space using higher quality partitions to give you meeting and conference rooms or offices as required.

What is involved in a high-end office fit out?

Our high-end office fit outs include the highest quality finishes and materials available.

As you can expect, you will get everything that is included in the basic and mid-range office fit outs. In our high-end office fit outs, nothing is too much, anything you require can be done.

In our high-end fit outs, we make major alterations to both your existing lighting and HVAC systems. Our goal with a high-end office fit out is to provide your office workers with the best possible working environment, ensuring that they have adequate heat, ventilation and natural lighting.

We work with you in our high-end fit outs  to choose the highest quality floor finishes available for any office space in the UK.

At the initial design consultation, our design team will look at how you can best use your space. We will suggest using high-end partitioning systems such as glass partitions to separate space and keep natural light flowing.

The Benefits of an office fit out

Having a well-designed office space to work in is key to maximizing productivity in the office. A well-designed office can accommodate your specific business requirements and ways of working.

Work stations can be set up to mimic project workflows. Doing this ensures that movement between critical departments for collaboration can be done with ease.

A high quality office fit out, done well, can make an amazing first impression for visiting clients or new staff.

Office workers want to work in a well-designed, clutter-free office. Working in an office like this usually means a higher output than workers in a low quality, dimly light, cluttered office.

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