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Do You Offer Industrial Office Interior Design?

Yes, we do offer Industrial Office Interior Design. Our team at Access Interiors assists in designing and optimising industrial office spaces to meet your needs, giving a productive and pleasing work environment.

At Access Interiors we will plan and deliver the best possible office interiors solution for your commercial space redesign.  Every aspect of what your business does and how you propose to use the space will be taken into account so we can deliver an office interiors project that meets your exact needs.

We factor in everything your warehouse or office interior needs; from electrical and data cabling, lighting, partitions and flooring to storage and furniture. We will work with you to choose just the right colour scheme and aesthetic finish for your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Office Interiors?

Enhanced Productivity

Improve your team's efficiency in a well designed workspace that promotes focus and collaboration.

Employee Well-being

Our office interiors prioritise comfort and ergonomics, contributing to the overall well-being of your staff.

Professional Image

Impress clients and partners with a sophisticated and well-designed office space that reflects your brand's professionalism.

Optimised Space Utilization

We maximise the functionality of your space, ensuring the space is utilised effectively for your business needs.

Boosted Morale

A visually appealing and comfortable office environment positively impacts employee morale.

Customised Solutions

Tailored to your specific requirements, our office interior designs offer bespoke solutions to meet your business needs.


Future-proof your workspace with flexible designs that can adapt to evolving business demands and trends.

Cost Efficiency

Achieve cost savings through smart design choices that optimise energy efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Brand Alignment

Align your office with your brand identity giving a memorable impression on both clients and employees.

What Office Interior Products And Services Do Access Interiors Offer?

  • Electrical And Data Cabling: Access Interiors integrates cutting-edge electrical and data cabling solutions into your workspace, ensuring a technologically advanced and well-connected environment.
  • Lighting Installation: Illuminate your workspace efficiently with our bespoke lighting installations, creating an inviting and productive atmosphere.
  • Office Partition: Office partitions offer versatility and are, designed to redefine and segment your space, balancing privacy with an open, collaborative environment.
  • Commercial Flooring Installation: Commercial flooring installations are tailored to meet the demands of high-traffic areas, combining durability with a design aesthetic.
  • Storage Walls: Optimise your storage solutions with our storage walls, blending your office design and providing efficient and organised space.
  • Office Furniture: Use office furniture options to enhance comfort, productivity, and the overall aesthetic of your workspace.

What Are The Common Commercial Interior Design Styles?

These are the different design approaches, focusing on key styles such as:

Corporate Style

Access Interiors can bring elegance to commercial spaces with tailored solutions.

Industrial and Urban Style

Access Interiors can integrate rugged elements to create a visually striking and functional work environment.

Luxe Style

Luxe interior design is created to give a sense of luxury and exclusivity within the commercial setting.

Minimalist Style

With minimalist interior design Access Interiors transforms commercial spaces by decluttering and focusing on essential elements that promote a clean and efficient work environment.

Boho Style

With Boho interior design Access Interiors combines creativity and vibrancy into commercial spaces, fostering an atmosphere of inspiration and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Determining the exact cost of office interior design is dependent upon various factors such as the size of the space, chosen design elements, and specific requirements. For an accurate estimate tailored to your needs, it is advisable to consult with Access Interior’s team who can provide a quote based on an assessment of your workspace.

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