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Commercial Flooring Options

Choosing the correct commercial flooring can make all the difference to your workplace. Updating your flooring does not need to be costly and can have a whole range of benefits which can improve workforce performance and morale. We can provide a wide range of high quality, hard-wearing carpet tiles and vinyl flooring tiles to meet your office flooring needs.

Improved Acoustics

If acoustics are a problem in your office, and practicality permits, then changing from a hard floor to carpet can have a hugely beneficial effect on noise insulation.

Healthy Employees

No matter the material, old flooring can harbour germs, dust mites and other nasties that may be negatively affecting your staff’s health and well being.  Updating your flooring choice, particularly from a carpet to a hard flooring type can help your employees to feel better in the work environment.

Create a Professional Impression

First impressions count.  Whether you are looking to impress a new customer, client, site visitor or prospective employees, the quality and condition of your flooring can affect how you are perceived.  Choosing stylish and modern flooring styles conveys a great impression about your business.

Create defined zones in your workplace

Mixing flooring styles between carpets and vinyls, or using different colours of the same material can help you to zone your commercial space. Zoning can be particularly beneficial in open plan work spaces. It can help you to manage ‘traffic’ around the area and organise your space into specific areas.

Creating more space as you expand

If you have high ceilings in your commercial space and need to expand to create extra desk or storage space you can easily gain extra flooring space by installing a mezzanine floor. To find out more about our mezzanine floor service please click here.

If you have any questions about commercial flooring as part of your office redesign then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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