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Access Interiors can see through any industrial mezzanine floor design and installation project from design through build to sign off.

Whether you are looking to increase storage space, create extra desking space or meeting rooms we can work with you to design not only your mezzanine floor but our creative space planning team can ensure that your whole site works for you without the hassle of having to seek new premises.

Each industrial mezzanine flooring project we undertake is unique and you are limited to how that extra space can work for you only by your imagination.  Previous projects have seen us create storage space all fitted out with racking or shelving, which can be perfect for expanding retail ‘back office’ space or for creating a parts department. Other projects have preferred us to create the storage space at ground level whilst moving desk spaces and meeting rooms onto the mezzanine.

Whatever space problem you want to solve, we provide a full consultation service, produce detailed drawings and specification and will work together with the local authority to ensure your mezzanine structure meets with approval.

If you have any questions about any aspect of industrial mezzanine flooring projects please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We provide a project management service offering full turnkey installation of office and factory fit-outs, and a complete design and build service.

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