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Glass partitions are one of the most popular choices of material when dividing up commercial or office space.  Glazed partitions allow natural light to flow around the space and create a light and airy environment for your staff to work in.  Everyone in the office can see everyone else and this can add to the sense of community as well as being purely practical.

Flexibility in design

There are many options of glass partitions to choose from.  The most basic choice to make from a design point of view is the choice between a framed or an unframed style.  Frosted panels can be added to create some privacy or to break up the design scheme. Other decals can be added to personalize your business space with branding or departmental names.

The doors in your glazed partitions can be hinged or sliding doors, so if space is at a premium you can avoid outward/inward opening doors. Plus, we can ensure that the system you choose is demountable so you can reconfigure the space at a later date at low cost.

Sound Transmission Ratings

Glass partitions have low sound transmission.  As a result this type of partition provides discretion and prevents other colleagues being disturbed during the course of a working day. Enhanced sound rating can also be added as an extra.

Glazed Partitions and Health and Safety Regulations

There are a number of factors to consider and rules to adhere to when installing glass partitions in the workplace. Visibility of the glass to users of the space is an important factor to consider with strict rules applying in terms of kite marking and use of frosting.  The glass’ fire resistance levels are also an important factor to consider, particularly when used as an alternative to a wall in an escape route.

By partnering with some of the country’s most influential partitioning manufacturers we can offer you a comprehensive and diverse range of glazed office partitioning systems that can adapt to your requirements. We can help you to ensure that the designs chosen and the specific layout required conform to HSE and Fire regulations. If you have any questions about glazing use in your office space please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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