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Do you offer Operable Walls?

Yes, we offer operable walls that provide versatile and space efficient solutions for your workspace.

Having enough versatile space is key to the success of commercial premises. Operable walls provide the simple solution to those situations where even more flexibility and variation in room layout and size are required within the workspace.

Operable walls allow you to sub divide a large room or floor space such as a board room or classroom so you can create extra meeting rooms or hot desking spaces as and when required.

Operable walls generally consist of either a concertina or ‘slide and stack’ panel system that you can quickly open and shut as and when you need to. Opening and closing the operable walls needn’t be a laborious task, it is possible to fit motors to some of the wall layouts so they can be operated at the touch of a button.  This enables all your employees, whatever their physical ability to operate the walls.

Your operable walls needn’t be dull either – you can have photos, landscapes or branding added to the walls to create personality in the rooms when the walls are closed.

There are infinite alternatives of fire resistance, finish, acoustic rating and track layout on offer so no matter what your requirement we can find an operable wall solution that fits your needs.

If you have an office space or layout problem and would like our expert advice then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For personalised advice on optimising your workspace with operable walls, contact Access Interiors and speak to our experts who are ready to help you transform your environment.

What is an Operable Wall and how does it work?

n operable wall is a flexible partition that divides space as needed; it works by sliding or folding into place, allowing for quick adjustments to room configurations, and creating an adaptable environment for different purposes.

What are the components of an Operable Wall?

The main components of an operable wall are the Paspilata (starting module), Standard Panels, modules with In-Panel Doors, Telescopic Panels, Rails, and Reels/Rollers.

Paspilata (Starting Module)

The Paspilata is the starting module that initiates the operable wall system, laying the foundation for flexible and efficient space management.

Standard Panel

The Standard Panel is a fundamental component of the operable wall system, providing a modular and adaptable partition to customise and optimise your workspace layout.

Module With In-panel Door

The Module with In-panel Door, integrates convenience and flexibility into the operable wall system, providing a functional space with easy access.

Telescopic Panel

A key component of the operable wall system, the telescopic panel allows efficient use of space by sliding smoothly into place, offering adaptability and ease of configuration.


A crucial component of the operable wall system, the rail facilitates movement and configuration by guiding the panels, ensuring an efficient transition of your workspace.

Reel / Roller

An essential component of the operable wall system, the reel/roller allows panels to be moved effortlessly, contributing to the overall flexibility and functionality of your workspace.

What are the different types of Operable Walls?

The types of Operable Walls include partitions, glass wall systems, and accordion doors, highlighting the versatility and functionality each offers in creating adaptable spaces.

Operable Partitions

Operable partitions are modular movable walls that provide flexible space management, allowing large areas to be transformed into smaller, functional spaces.

Glass Wall Systems

Glass wall systems provide a transparent solution to dividing space, combining aesthetics with functionality to create an open and well-lit environment while maintaining a sense of separation.

Accordion Doors

Accordion doors are a versatile and space-efficient solution, featuring a folding design, that allows areas to be divided and extended to meet spatial requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Operable wall costs can vary, depending on factors such as size, materials, and features, with prices typically ranging from £500 to £2,000 per square metre in the UK.

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