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How can you divide a room up to maximise space efficiently and how can we create more secure storage space for files and documents? Well, the answer is Storage walls; they can help you solve two of the largest problems faced in interior design.

When using a storage wall to create a wall, not only is the cost of partitioning saved, storage capacity is maximised by using all available vertical space. Not only can you use all vertical space in the divide but you can create two storage areas as each side of the wall can accommodate storage.

Storage walls can be very flexible in their look and layout.You can incorporate cupboards, drawers or lockers with open shelving or incorporate suspension filing to get the look and storage space type you desire.  You can even create desk style spaces within the wall to accommodate more work stations.

There are multiple choices of finish for your storage walls so they fit in with the aesthetic of your design scheme plus you can add graphics to enhance your commercial interior design style and to reinforce brand values and key messages for employees.

All storage panels are demountable and can be relocated with minimal disruption. So if you’re moving premises or require a review of the layout of your commercial space in future then the system can be re-purposed to fit into the new layout.

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