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What is an office refurbishment?

Interior design, ceilings, flooring, furniture, walls, plumbing, HVAC and windows can all part of an office refurbishment.

If your company has rebranded, grown or shrunk in size, you may want to have a complete office refurbishment. This entails a space planning review with a commercial interior designer. With us, your office refurbishment is tailored to your specifications. There are several options available, from creating a new open-plan layout to installing partitions to provide privacy and create separate areas. In an office refurbishment, you could even add a second level to your office using an office mezzanine floor . There are many choices on what you want to do with an office refurbishment, that’s why we created this article of office refurbishment ideas to help you improve on your office space.

Commercial office lighting ideas

One of the most downplayed parts of a work environment is commercial office lighting. Choosing the appropriate workplace light fixtures is one of the wisest investments. It has the potential to boost your staff productivity and morale. It will also improve building security, safety and overall worker morale. Green office technology, such as commercial led lighting or motion activated lighting, is a popular choice.

Natural Light

A good working environment should be well-lit. Including unobscured windows in your design is one way to do this. Other ways to increase the amount of natural light in the office is to add mirrors or choose natural light colours for walls and furniture.

Adequate lighting when natural light is not available

It’s interesting to emulate sunshine not just in terms of hue, but also in terms of brightness. Dimmable LED bulbs come with varying colour temperatures, allowing light alterations dependent on the time of day and colour of the light. LED lights are also a key part of reducing your energy costs in the office.

Office Ventilation

Proper ventilation is one of the key building blocks to creating a healthy and comfortable workplace. One simple way to get ventilation in the workplace is to open windows and create a draft, however in the UK this is not always possible because of the temperature outside. When the temperature is cold outside and there is no proper ventilation, a commercial air conditioning system should be used.

Office ventilation requirements UK

Employers in the United Kingdom must ensure that an adequate amount of fresh air is available in the workplace. The air will also be purified in order to deliver oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. This allows employees to breathe more comfortably by providing fresh air and removing or diluting damp air. All of this is stated in Workplace Regulations act 1992, you can view the act by clicking on this link,

Office ventilation systems

There are many obvious health benefits of appropriate ventilation in an office space. Studies show that people who work in an environment with good indoor air quality are more comfortable and productive. Workers who work in a well-ventilated environment are also less prone to get ill. HVAC ventilation system could be one way to go for your office.

Office layout ideas

Types of office layouts

The days of cubicle-only offices are long gone. There are now a variety of office space planning layouts to accommodate various work habits and business requirements. Here are some examples of different sorts of office layouts.

Modern office layout ideas

The workplace is more than simply a space where people gather to accomplish their jobs. Well-equipped offices are typically more functional than they appear. It usually serves as a business card and communicates the brand’s identity. It is vital to become familiar with all feasible choices in order to make the best decision for your layout. Because cubicle offices are becoming obsolete, a more contemporary approach may be the best option for you.

Executive office layout ideas

Executive office design’s develop facilities intended to house administrative roles. The type of business and the user’s work habits have a big impact on the design. Although, on a regular basis, these offices get crucial visits from partners or clients. It is prudent to project an exquisite image while demonstrating the company’s prosperity.

Office Refurbishment Ideas – Sustainable office design

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Office Refurbishment Ideas – Office Furniture

Ergonomic office furniture

Over the years, workplace injuries have become more widespread. Back pain is a major issue in the UK. This problem is not contributed by having outdated and poor quality office chairs or bad workplace design. Employees are looking for firms that offer them a comfortable place to work with excellent office furniture. Increased productivity, and improved work and morale are all advantages of ergonomic furniture.

Custom office furniture

Custom furniture gives a real wow factor and make a great first impression for visiting clients and investors. Bespoke workplace furniture may also be designed in a way that increases your productivity, give teams what they need in the one area with smart storage ideas. Working with a design team will help you choose the best ideas to complement your own particular style, whether your space is huge or tiny.

Office branding ideas

Office branding wall graphics

Personalized workplace branding will enhance your office’s first impressions for visiting clients and investors. Wall office branding is often be made of many materials and should represent your brand If your office is all about sustainability, consider using a reclaimed wood slab with your logo engraved onto it.

Office reception branding

Making a good first impression on visitors is perhaps why people spend so much time thinking about their reception area. The impression that visitors to your workplace carry with them when they depart is determined by the design of your welcome area and overall office design. Prospective clients or sought-after talent may develop a negative impression, especially if your workplace lacks clear branding.

Healthy workplace environment

What is meant by a ‘healthy environment’ in relation to your workplace?

A healthy workplace is one in which employees and management work together to promote the health, safety, and well-being of everyone in the office. They strive to make this available for all employees while still maintaining productivity.

How to create a healthy workplace environment

Create a plan to sustain a healthy work environment. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you work in a healthy environment.

  • Give your employees a real voice and show you appreciate them each day.
  • Make sure all health and safety protocols are followed.
  • Improving the design of your office will also have a positive impact on the morale
  • Ergonomic comfortable furniture and seating for employees to work with
  • High quality materials and finishings help to create a great ambiance in the office

Office colour ideas

Stay true to your branding

Get some colours into the design that would complement your brand. Your colour scheme depends on your office location and available natural lighting. Opt for darker colours for offices with an abundance of natural light, and lighter colours when natural lighting is not available.

Best colours for an office

There are four primary colours that are usually best for an office and those are Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. The best one for your office would be the one that presents your values and your brand the best. Blue is a colour that stimulates the mind, while red is a colour that stimulates the body. Yellow is related to emotion and green represents balance. Combining these colours the right way will make your office look perfect.

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