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Designing a new office space, regardless of the sort of business you run, is not a job to be taken lightly. You’ll most likely be living with your workplace setup for many years once it’s finished. By being meticulous about your office space planning strategy, you may put your company up for long-term success. You may be eager to expedite the office design planning process so that you may begin building and move into your new location sooner. Avoid the impulse to jump into anything and instead read the office space planning guidelines below, which will undoubtedly assist you.

What is office space planning

Office space planning is the act of structuring the workplace layout, furniture, and office operations. This is done in such a way that they perform well together while utilizing available space as efficiently as possible.

Office space standards and guidelines UK

The table below is a handy guide to let you know which size of space you need for the number of employees you have. Each employee is entitled to have 11 meters of space in an office workplace.

Employee Number
Area Required
111 m2
1-211-22 m2
5-1055-110 m2
15-30165 – 330 m2
30+330 m2+

What is open plan office

An open plan workplace, as the name implies, is one in which all workers work on the same level and in the same open area. Office cubicles are out in favour of a more collaborative and stimulating working environment. So, for enhanced productivity, and flexibility an open-plan office design is better. It’s also better for networking possibilities. When it comes to their office, everyone has their own tastes. Some individuals prefer working in a buzzy, active workplace. On the other hand, others prefer calmer, secluded settings. If you love working in the following areas, being productive in an open plan workplace is simple:

  • Fast-paced workplace
  • Keen on networking
  • Love communication and socialization
  • Keen on sharing ideas with others
  • Part of a community

Open office space planning guidelines

Moving one item at a time and observing how things fit together isn’t all there is to office space design. It’s more like an equation than a puzzle. Because the patchwork method is too disruptive to be realistic, it’s even more vital to consider all the aspects involved in the planning.

Office design requirements

The most important factors you have to consider are the following:

  • Capacity – You can’t adequately plan an office until you know how many people it needs to accommodate.
  • Space – Recognizing available space allows for more informed allocation and usage planning.
  • Floor plan – Understand the floor layouts that are appropriate for your office space and workforce capacity.
  • Demand – How you arrange space is dictated by the requirement for group workspaces, quiet work areas, and hot desks.
  • Flow – The daily flow of a workplace is critical to accommodate employees without interfering with their job.
  • Culture – Employee engagement is driven by culture, which is why it is a cornerstone of workplace planning standards.
  • Fixed variables – Make a plan for fire exits, structural components, doors, and anything else that will effect space use.
  • Cost – Cost restrictions have a significant impact on what you can do with space planning. Prioritize your most important initiatives—those that will have the most impact—and begin with them.
  • Compliance – Don’t overlook workplace governance or safety compliance. You have no influence over these requirements, but they must be included in overall planning to avoid dangers.
  • Growth – Consider expansion planning to guarantee that your workplace does not become obsolete in a matter of months.

Benefits of office space planning

You Don’t Have To Relocate

Whether you’re renovating or relocating your business, developing new space plans is essential. Space might become too confined or wasteful as businesses develop and office occupants rise.
Some customers may feel compelled to relocate out of their workplace at this point. Especially if they believe they are outgrowing their present location. Instead of just transferring to a new office, you should consider doing a workplace study to see how you may make better use of your present area. Because relocations are costly and time-consuming, having a good space plan will help your company save both time and money.

Consult Your People

Take the time to ask your employees what they think their office space needs to have to assist them completely grasp your firm. You should make sure that everyone’s voice is heard. That way, day-to-day operations and the wider overarching dynamic of the office environment will work better.
Rather than a full redesign of concepts, we may take what a firm already has going for it and improve it. The ultimate outcome should be that everyone is on board with the concept and feels engaged at work.

Stress-free Growth

Workplace strategy is about general business strategy as much as it is about growth. Workplace analysis entails asking questions about your brand, your clientele, and your goals. You can arrange your office layout in such a way that it can adapt to expansion. It can also encourage the behaviours you want after you understand these crucial criteria.

Attract and Retain Talent

The goal of office space planning and workplace consulting is to assist your organization retain and attract the top workers. This can be done by making your workplace responsive to their demands. Top professionals will have specific expectations of their workplace. So, failing to foster a positive office culture may result in you losing out on the best people.


You may assist yourself by signing off a budget for the duration of your tenancy by starting at the end and moving backwards. That’s done through a process of benchmarking, assessments, and truly getting to know your firm. So there are no surprises, no unexpected expenses, and everything is plainly set out in front of you.

Office space planning guidelines PDF

In the UK, there is a PDF that you can check out which will help you abide the UK laws when creating your office. Using this guide, you’ll make sure that your office space is safe and great for your employees. Also, you will ensure that it’s according to the UK planning standards. Here’s a link to the PDF:

Office space planning design

Designing your own office and planning ahead of time can be a daunting task. Even with all the information laid out in the article above, it can be a challenge. It will certainly take a lot of time to figure everything out. That’s where we can come in and help you out with the entire process. Make sure you contact us for a quote and make your job easier, so you can focus on other things that are good for your business.

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