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A definition for suspended ceiling is a flat and light structure that is attached to the main ceiling by means of particular hooks. It is also known as a dropped ceiling or fake ceiling in some circles. To be more specific, a dropped ceiling is made up of two parts: a supporting framework in the traditional meaning of the word, and covering panels. To learn more about what are suspended ceilings, continue reading the article below.

Why do offices have suspended ceilings

The primary purpose of installing a suspended ceiling is to offer a clean, smooth finish to the internal ceiling. Also, the suspended ceiling will conceal electrical wires, piping, and other utilities.

Advantages of suspended ceiling

  • Simple to install
  • Cheap
  • Easy to maintain
  • Polished in any colour
  • Possible to texturize as you wish
  • Conceal noise
  • Conceal utilities
  • Better management of the air in the living space
  • Save money on heating and cooling
  • Repairs are easy and fast
  • Easy light installation
  • Available in many colours and textures

Disadvantages of suspended ceiling

  • Can be expensive
  • Diminishes room space
  • Not as sturdy as normal ceilings
  • Drab and boring
  • Not too aesthetic
  • Hard to re-texture

Types of suspended ceiling

Jointless suspended ceiling

A continuous and jointless surface is provided by these types of suspended ceilings, which have the look of a normal ceiling from the inside out. They can be used to meet fire resistance criteria or to create a more durable sort of suspended ceiling, depending on the situation.

Concealed grid suspended ceilings

If you want your suspended ceiling to have a smooth and clean appearance, a hidden grid is the way to go. The grid mechanism of this sort of suspended ceiling is concealed by acoustical tiles in this design. The attractive and elegant appearance of a concealed grip suspended ceiling is one of the primary advantages. The downside is that it makes it difficult to reach regions above the ceiling for maintenance and repair. Furthermore, when compared to other sorts, it might be rather pricey.

Exposed Grid Suspended Ceilings

The composition of exposed grid suspended ceilings distinguishes them from other forms. The mains are lengthy metal strips that run the length of the structure. Tees are used to connect the mains to each other and to the rest of the system. They are the short metal components that make up the tees.
The grid system has acoustical ceiling tiles, which help to reduce noise. A conventional metal frame surrounds each tile of the exposed grid in a uniform fashion. There are several sizes available for this frame.

Gypsum Board and Plaster Suspended Ceilings

Mostly public spaces feature this sort of suspended ceilings. Theatres, lobbies, and auditoriums usually feature this kind of ceiling. This type of ceiling screws to basic light gauge steels. It can also be supported by special frame components that are designed specifically for this purpose. The basic light gauge steels are on wires for this form of ceiling. The unique frame components have been designed for this type of ceiling. Also, you can pick them in a variety of sophisticated configurations.
The most significant advantage of this ceiling made of gypsum board and plaster is the increased value it brings to your room. It features a distinct design that would offer your space a more contemporary appearance than before.

Fire Resistance Rated Suspended Ceilings

The fire resistance of this style of suspended ceiling makes it a popular choice for many applications. It is a material that has to be fire-resistant. Only professionals should install this kind of ceilings. Mainly because of the extensive knowledge and abilities required. Furthermore, the lighting fixtures that are utilized in this sort of ceiling must be supported by a material that is fire-resistant. In fact, every component of this sort of suspended ceiling must exceed fire resistance standards.

Free Span Suspended Ceiling – What are suspended ceilings

The planks of a free span suspended system rest on the perimeter trim that surrounds the structure. Corridors make the most out of this technology since it is quite simple to install and maintain, and it is also inexpensive. It is normally demountable and allows for easy access to the region above the ground level.

Drop Ceiling Lighting Options

Drop ceiling lights will ensure that your room always looks its best. They’re an excellent solution for any situation that requires intense illumination for big areas. When narrowing down your options, start with the dimensions and mounting options that best suit your needs.

Recessed lighting

A light bulb is housed inside a reflective metal container in recessed lighting. A wooden structure that supports the canister for the light is necessary. Also, it has to go above the metal grid that holds the ceiling tiles. Recessed lights feature lenses, or apertures, at the end of the canister that must be level with the ceiling tile surface when placed.

Fluorescent lighting

This type of lighting attaches to the same metal supports that hold the ceiling panels. So, light-weight fluorescent light fixtures have become the most frequent choice for use in drop ceilings. The various size rectangular fluorescent fixtures fit neatly into the drop ceiling supports. They come in a range of sizes, so it’s simple to choose a light fixture that will fit perfectly.

Surface mounted fixtures

Surface-mounted fixtures are positioned directly on the ceiling’s surface. Also, there are no sections recessed into the ceiling like recessed or fluorescent lighting. This form of lighting also includes pendant lamps, track lighting, and simple glass fixtures.

Suspended ceiling prices

Suspended ceiling prices vary depending on the materials used and the company you hire. Usually the low end prices are around £899 while the high end can go up to £2,699.

Suspended ceiling installation

Depending on the size of the operations and the complexity of the job, you may need to close down the work area. However, it’s usually very fast, especially if you hire a professional company. Hiring a company that has a lot of experience installing suspended ceilings speeds up the entire process. This way, your office won’t have to be shut down for long, and you can resume your business. So make sure you contact us for a quote and learn how much time we’ll need to get everything done.

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