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What Is a Mezzanine Floor? | Our Guide 2021

A mezzanine floor is an extra level inserted between the ceiling and floor. It’s designed to offer additional storage, assembly, or office space. A mezzanine level is often designed to be 25% of a building’s flooring or less. This type of flooring is most commonly used to store supplies. However, it can also be an extension of office or retail space.

What Is the Purpose of a Mezzanine Floor?

A mezzanine provides extra usable space for your business. In fact, a warehouse’s high ceiling is perfect for a mezzanine, with offices either below or above it. When it comes to industrial activities such as distribution and manufacturing, mezzanines are commonly utilised. Roll-formed, rack-supported, and shelf-supported industrial mezzanine structures are the most common kinds you’ll find.

Can a Mezzanine Floor Help with My Particular Business?

Mezzanine levels are useful if you have warehouses, offices, factories, or industrial facilities. This type of floor also helps maximise a building’s area. This is usually the case with short and long span shelves below and above the floor. Many firms use one floor for an office and the other for something else. It’s simple to install office mezzanines in warehouses and factories too, and canteens and restrooms can be included in self-contained offices. If you have a retail store, you can build a mezzanine to improve and enlarge your selling space.

Benefits of Mezzanine Floors

Increase Space

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One of the biggest benefits of building a mezzanine is, of course, the instant extra space. This allows you to showcase more items than ever while reducing overcrowding. When it comes to building a mezzanine in a warehouse, you have a lot of options. It can accommodate a number of workplaces or give you extra room for whatever you need.


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Moving into a larger office or adding to an existing structure is expensive. It’s also very time-consuming. Constructing a mezzanine floor, on the other hand, is quite simple and very cheap, taking just a few days while still gaining that valuable expansion.

Decrease Clutter

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Mezzanine floors not only save space and money, but they also look amazing. You can create a design that perfectly represents your business. You can create a clutter-free space by using a range of sophisticated designs.
Your options are infinite, ranging from private conference rooms to open plans. You also get large spaces perfect for hot-desking and break-out zones.


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Outgrowing a warehouse is one of the most prevalent issues that owners must face. If you are involved in a lot of shipping and receiving activities, you’ll need plenty of storage space. So, warehouse mezzanines can help in this situation. If you need to add accessible and long-lasting room to a warehouse, they are a perfect choice. It’s simpler to keep up with a warehouse’s storage needs and product demands when you have a mezzanine.


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Mezzanines are not actually part of the building’s infrastructure. This means they are easy to dismantle and relocate as needed. This makes them one of the most adaptable structural modifications you can use. When you need to relocate your business, you can take the mezzanine with you and install it at the new location.

Types and Uses of Mezzanine Floors

Steel Mezzanine

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Steel mezzanines are commonly used in warehouses as storage and equipment platforms. Their steel structure makes them extremely strong, resulting in a building that is very safe.

The steel mezzanines and equipment platforms can be free-standing structures. This can be done with bolt-together construction, making them simple to assemble within an existing structure. As a result, steel is the best material to use when adding a mezzanine level to an existing area.

Concrete Mezzanine

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Decking on mezzanine floors is frequently made of chipboard and is on of the more robust forms of mezzanine floor decking system. It’s able to withstand high point loads while letting out little noise. When it comes to industrial applications that need structural endurance, this is the finest choice.

Rack Mezzanine

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A rack mezzanine is a mezzanine floor that has a storage rack system. This system serves as the primary structural support for the mezzanine floor structure. The supports are utilised for both the rack and the mezzanine systems. So, this sort of support structure may help you save both money and valuable floor space.

Storage Mezzanine Floor

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Possibly the most common form of mezzanine level is a storage mezzanine floor. There are a variety of goods you can store in it, such as inventories of supplies and hardware. Also, you can store documents, equipment and furniture.
These mezzanines and equipment platforms may differ in the way they are employed. Although storage mezzanines and equipment platforms are similar, they are different. IBC stairs are required for a storage mezzanine, while OSHA steps are required for an equipment platform.

Work Platform Mezzanine

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The use of a work platform mezzanine allows personnel to deal with various jobs. Activities such as packing or assembling are easy to do on floors like this. Maintenance or performing quality control from a higher level is also easy. These sorts of mezzanines are frequently close to equipment or maintenance facilities to provide easier access for operators and maintenance personnel to these locations.

Portable Mezzanine

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A portable mezzanine is easy to transport from one location to another. They are usually tiny, which makes them easy to transport between sites. Consequently, they have a limited amount of space.

Retail Mezzanine Floor

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Retail mezzanines can expand the amount of space available for retail sales floors. They are also great for inventory storage or even office space. Mezzanines at retail establishments are built to draw clients to the sales level.

Office Mezzanine Floor

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Office mezzanine levels are a wonderful addition to any sort of workspace. They allow you to expand your office space without having to expand into the building itself. The term “in-plant office mezzanine” refers to a type of mezzanine office space. This space is used in manufacturing or other production areas for office employees. Engineers and operation management experts usually need close access to production floors.

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