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LVT Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT is one of the most in-demand flooring options today. This material resembles real wood or stone flooring, but works in a more practical range. The variety of shapes, sizes and designs it comes in can help you create the perfect look. Even better, it can overcome the drawbacks that come with natural products. So, what is LVT flooring and how can it benefit you?

The Benefits of Choosing Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Choosing LVT offers you many benefits. These are things you often have to forego with other options. There’s no doubt other materials like real wood offer something special. However, very often, the cost of such materials outweighs their benefits. So what is LVT flooring offering that you can’t always find elsewhere?

Water Resistance

Waterproof flooring is a very essential plus for whatever material you use. Most kinds of LVT are completely waterproof, making them a practical choice. Such flooring ideally suits kitchen and bathrooms. In fact, any place expected to have a lot of water contact can use LVT.

Material & Design

The way LVT is designed, it looks very much like the material it replicates. Its texture makes it almost impossible to differentiate from hardwood. While it replicates hard surface materials, it is more practical in use. Its application, use and durability all make it the better option.

LVT is made with a realistic print film and a vinyl layer, which lend to its design. The material makes it open to endless options of looks and designs.

Scratch Resistance

One of the best things about LVT is its resistance to scratches. It can counter the wear and tear that occurs with use. Some damage over years of constant wear and tear is usually inevitable. LVT wins there too, as it is very easy to restore back to its original state. If you are expecting heavy foot-traffic, or just rowdy kids and pets, LVT could be the flooring for you.

Beautiful Designs

The beauty of LVT is in the options it offers. The material allows a lot of flexibility in the end result you can obtain from it. In essence, it can offer an endless option of designs to choose from. As more popular and harder to obtain, mosaic and check patterns are also easy to find in LVT.

The best part is that all these designs appear completely authentic. If you’re going for a wooden, or ceramic look, it is easy to obtain with LVT. The substitute in no way compromises on quality, so you get the very best. What is more, these designs are in no way limited, and new ones become available everyday. It is hard to imagine that you would not be able to find exactly what you want with LVT.

Unparalleled Durability

When it comes to durable options, you can’t find better than LVT. The material is resilient and lasting. It handles casual wear and tear extremely well. Moreover, LVT flooring is naturally stain- and scratch- resistant. That makes it a better choice for areas of frequent use. It can work even better than wood or laminate flooring when it comes to wear-resistance.

Generally, LVT has been known to be tough and durable. For more heavy-duty use, some specific types of LVT are also available. These are designed to withstand heavy, constant use. They can be perfect for use in commercial properties. For domestic use, you can often get a guarantee of up to 25 years.


With sustainability becoming a rising concern, LVT has become a great option. While it replaces the use of wood, it is sourced from plastic. That can raise concerns for more eco-friendly options. However, LVT being extremely resistant and durable, can practically last forever. You can go a long time without needing a replacement. In fact, many LVT users never end up needing a replacement at all.

Easy to Maintain

While it offers benefits, LVT asks for little in return. If you don’t always want to be worrying about your flooring, this is the choice for you. Being low-maintenance, LVT does not need much care. It requires only the basic cleaning needed for any kind of floor.

As it is resistant to wear and tear, there is usually not much to clean. You can go easy on the maintenance, and can even play a little rough. Basic, regular cleaning should be enough to keep your floors looking shiny and new.

Types of LVT flooring

LVT comes in a few different types. What you choose depends on what you want and are most comfortable with. It’s really about what you think is the best fit for you.

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles and planks

Self-adhesive LVT certainly falls under the convenience tab. It comes with an adhesive layer on the back. This layer is sensitive to pressure, which is all it requires for application. You won’t have to mess around smearing sticky glue everywhere.

Simply remove the protective film, which will expose the adhesive underneath. Get your bearing, place the tile or plank, and press down. The easy application especially makes it a good choice for smaller projects. It is a convenient and easy-to-use option if you’re undertaking some DIY renovating.

Glue-down LVT

You will need special glue made for vinyl with this type of LVT. Naturally, this can be the messier option, especially if not properly done. But it can be the better choice in many cases. It requires applying the glue to the ground, and affixing the tile on top.

With proper attachment, glue-down LVT is less given to movement. That can happen in heavy-traffic areas, such as in commercial use. This type remains resistant to the effects of heavy movement. This does require professional fitting for proper attachment.

Interlocking vinyl planks and tiles

Interlocking LVT is a great choice and a common alternative to glue-down. It comes with grooved edges that allow the planks or tiles to click together. Opposed to glue-down, it has the obvious advantage of not requiring any adhesive. It is certainly much simpler to install with a quick and easy method.

This type of LVT can be more expensive than glue-down. Click LVT is much thicker than the average LVT plank or tile, leading to the higher price. DIY projects are especially simple, given the ease of use. As you can fit it yourself, there’s no extra costs to incur.

Loose lay vinyl planks

Loose-lay LVT comes in the reusable and removable variety. It certainly comes with the most innovative design. These planks are made with friction-creating materials that facilitate subfloor grip. As they use no adhesive, they can easily be removed or rearranged as you please. Given their design, they are especially suited for short-term projects.

What this type of flooring does need is good, even ground. A levelled-out space creates the best base for loose-lay. That said, it is a very sturdy and economic option for renovations. They’re durability is guaranteed and they resist shifting.

Benefits of LVT flooring in an office and commercial space

Commercially-graded LVT can make a lot of difference in an office space. Busy work environments require something sturdy and durable without compromising quality. That’s where LVT flooring comes in. It can offer all the benefits of other flooring, and then offer a little extra something.

LVT is suited to commercial spaces for their resistant properties. They are impervious to wear and tear, a likely occurrence in commercial spaces. They are durable while maintaining quality, and even offer antibacterial properties.

Given their low-maintenance nature, LVT is good for business. Flooring is harder to look after in a busy office especially as it stays in constant use. LVT requires little effort to maintain the pristine condition. The vast variety of design options available mean there is no limit on what you can get. Custom fittings and designs can make all the difference in your workspace.

The best LVT options should offer you design, quality and convenience. Commercial flooring does require some expertise to handle. You can contact us for more information on LVT and commercial flooring. We can help you through all your options and choices to find what best suits you.

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